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Legal History Centers

Afghan Legal History Project (Harvard Law School)

Boston College Legal History Roundtable

Chicago Legal History Seminar (Chicago-Kent College of Law, American Bar Foundation)

Columbia University Program in Law and History  –  Story of Legal History at Columbia

Hurst Summer Institute in Legal History (University of Wisconsin, American Society for Legal History)

Institut für Deutsche und Rheinische Rechtsgeschichte, Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn (in German)

MacQuarie University Centre for Comparative Legal History

New York University School of Law Legal History Colloquium

Oxford University Legal History Forum

Toronto Legal History Seminar (University of Toronto)

Triangle Legal History Seminar (UNC Chapel Hill, Duke Law School)

University of Chicago Legal History Program

University of Manitoba Canadian Legal History Project

University of Southern California Center for Law, History and Culture

University of Virginia Program on Legal & Constitutional History

Washington and Lee University Center for Law and History

Yale Law School Legal History Forum

Legal History Collections

Damon J. Keith Law Collection of African-American Legal History (Wayne State University)

Tarlton Law Library (U. Texas at Austin): Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center (Law-related collections)

Viner Collection (Bodleian Library, Oxford University)

Washington and Lee University Legal History Library Collections

Online Video Presentations

American University, The African-American Woman in Law and Legal History  –  Part I  Part II

American University, A Passion for Justice: The Clarence Darrow Story and Panel on Reconciling Professional Ethics with Passionate Representation

Washington and Lee University Center for Law and History – Webcasts

Legal History Degree Programs

Columbia University, Joint Degree Program in Law and History

University of Virginia, JD-MA Program on Legal & Constitutional History

Legal History Chairs, Professorships and Fellowships

Cambridge University, Downing Professor of the Laws of England

Cambridge University, Regius Professor of Civil Law

Columbia University, George Welwood Murray Professor of Legal History

Harvard University, Raoul Berger Visiting Fellowship in Legal History

New York University School of Law, Samuel I. Golieb Fellowship in Legal History

University of British Columbia, Nathan T. Nemetz Chair in Legal History

University of Glasgow, Douglas Chair of Civil Law (PDF document, p. 128 of 224)

University of Tartu (Estonia), Chair of Legal History

Yale Law School, Chancellor Kent Professor of Law and Legal History

Courses Offered (List last updated December 2004, Links verified November 2006)

U.S. Legal History I (Fall)
U.S. Legal History II (Spring)
Women's Legal History

Boston University School of Law     (  JD  /  LLM  )


American Legal History
English Legal History
Introduction to Civil Law


English Legal History 1500-1700 (Half Paper)  —  BA
Foundations of International Law  —  BALLM
Historical Foundations of the British Constitution (Half Paper)  —  BA
History of English Civil and Criminal Law  —  LLM
Legal History  —  BA


American Legal History  —  JD
British Legal History Seminar: from the Celts to the Industrial Age, 1-1890 C.E.  —  JD Seminar
Canon Law  —  JD
Civil War and the Constitution Seminar  —  JD Seminar
Early American Legal History: From Settlement to Reconstruction, 1600-1880  —  JD Seminar
English Legal History Seminar: Foundations of American Law  —  JD Seminar
Gender and the Law in American History Seminar  —  JD Seminar
History of Crime and Punishment Seminar  —  JD Seminar
Human Rights in Historical Perspective: The Cases of South Africa and Czechoslovakia  —  LLM
Introduction to Roman Law  —  JD
Lawyers and the State in Modern America Seminar
    (formerly History of Washington Lawyering Seminar)  —  JD Seminar
The Jury (formerly subtitled "The Anglo-American Tradition Seminar")  —  JD Seminar

U.S. Legal History (Research Paper)
History of the U.S. Constitution (Examination or Research Paper)
Law of Race and Slavery (Research Paper)
Legal History Seminar (Research Paper)

Harvard Law School     (  JD  / LLM  / SJD  )

Creation of the Constitution (Winter)
History of Civil Rights Litigation: Seminar (Spring)
Legal History: American Legal Education: Seminar (Spring)
Legal History: American Legal History, 1760-1900 (Spring)
Legal History: Continental Legal History (Spring)
Legal History: History of American Criminal Procedure: Seminar (Spring)
Legal History: Introduction to Roman Law (Fall)
Legal History: The "Common Law" of Continental Europe: Seminar (Spring)
Legal History: The Warren Court, 1953-1969: Seminar (Spring)
Statutory Interpretation in the Post-New Deal State: Seminar (Spring)


History of English Law  —  Undergraduate and MJur
Legal History: Legislative Reform of the Early Common Law  —  BCL
A Roman Introduction to Private Law  —  Undergraduate
Roman Law (Delict)  —  UndergraduateBCL and MJur

Courses (Listed as "Second- and Third-Year Courses"):

European Legal History
History and Constitutional Interpretation
History and Future of the New Deal
History of American Law

History of Scots Law The Medieval Period
History of Scots Law - The Early Modern Period
Medieval Theories of the Just War
The Early Modern Inquisitions of Iberia and Italy

Law Courses Not Currently Available on the Law School's Website

The Origins of South African Law
Foundations of South African Law
Further Study in Legal History
Capita Selecta from Roman Law

[The] American Legal Profession (Spring)
Anglo-American Legal History: Directed Research (Fall)
History of the Common Law: Procedure and Institutions (Fall)
Jury Control in Anglo-American Legal History (Spring)
[The] Prehistory of American Administrative Law: Seminar (Spring)
Research Methods in American Legal History (Spring)
Urban Legal History: The Development of New Haven (Spring)