Listing by Date (Earliest First)

Lawrence M. Friedman, Stanford University (December 2004) — U.S. legal history

Michael Stolleis, Max Planck Institute for European Legal History (English / German) (December 2004) — German legal history

Irma J. Kroeze, University of South Africa (January 2005) — South African legal history

Neil Jones, Cambridge University (January 2005) — Teaching legal history in England

Christopher Waldrep, American Society for Legal History (February 2005) — Lynching, Legal history online

Robert H. Bork, Hudson Institute (March 2005) — U.S. constitutional "originalism"

William B. Norman, Lincoln's Inn Chapel (March 2005) — Lincoln's Inn

Nicola Lacey, London School of Economics (April 2005) — H.L.A. Hart

Scott J. Asmus and Andrew P. Cernota, Maine and Asmus (November 2005) — The "X-Patents"

Wael B. Hallaq, McGill University (November 2005) — Islamic legal history

Benjamin B. Ferencz, (May 2006) — Nuremberg Trials, Roscoe Pound

Jacob A. Stein, Stein, Mitchell & Mezines, LLP (September 2006) — Washington, D.C. legal practice

Jeff Sypeck, Author of Becoming Charlemagne (November 2006) — Charlemagne, Carolingian legal history