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Listing by Type of Resource

Primary Resources (Some or All Texts Provided on Site)

Avalon Project at Yale Law School

Bracton Online (Harvard Law School Library)

British History Online (Records of assizes, eyres, etc.)   –   Main Site

Coles County (Illinois) Legal History Project (Database of Coles County case records)

Exchequer Customs Accounts (Overseas trade of London)

Famous Trials (Prof. Doug Linder, Univ. Missouri-Kansas City School of Law)

Halsall Ancient History Source Book – Legal Texts (Fordham University)

Internet Medieval Sourcebook: Medieval Legal History

Irish Penal Laws (University of Minnesota School of Law) (Roman and Civil Law Resources, edited by Ernest Metzger, University of Glasgow)

Ius Romanum (University of Saarbrücken Roman Law Internet Project)

Legal Information Institute (Cornell Law School): Historic U.S. Supreme Court Decisions by Justice

Library of Congress: U.S. Congressional Documents, Debates (1774-1875)   –   Statutes at Large, Foundation Texts (Anglo-American fundamental legal documents)   –   Historic reference works

Magna Carta (Latin-to-English translation) (British Library) (Miscellaneous treaties and other legal documents)

Henry Sumner Maine: Ancient Law (Text of Maine's book)

Medieval English Towns (Town by-laws and other information) (American legal history)

Proceedings of the Old Bailey (1674-1834)

University of Houston History Department: English Legal History Materials (Anonymous professor's page)

Year Books (English)

Secondary Resources (Links to Texts Provided Elsewhere, Legal History Links Pages)

Tertiary Resources (Sites Providing Information on Topics Relating to Legal History)

Bibliographies and Document Collections

Dictionaries, Glossaries and Other Language Sites

Miscellaneous Useful Sites when Dealing with Legal History

Sites Dealing Generally or Obliquely with Legal History

Sites Dealing with Specific Doctrines or Fields of Law

Sites with Localized or Group Focus